Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A winter without pants

I talked about the "no fat pants" rule. I wonder if it is possible to go through a winter without wearing pants at all, that is, wearing skirts and dresses instead. Or a bathrobe.

This question occurs to me because of two things:

1. I have disposed of most of my RTW pants, except for an altered pair from the aforementioned Manifesto, and a pair from Boden, and a pair of Levis. None of them is a perfect fit or length for me.

2. I am now many, many, many hours into pants muslin making, and I still do not have a good result. (I'm SO not going to put up a picture of this.)

We sewists know that a great pair of pants is the holy grail of sewing, and as with all Godly quests, we encounter more than a few false prophets on our journey. With so many contours of the body to fit, it's easy to see why a pair of excellent-fitting pants is the most difficult thing to accomplish. I was just stubborn enough to believe that I am stubborn enough to conquer this.

I honestly don't know if I have the stomach (well, yes I have a stomach) to take yet more fisheye darts out of the back leg, and reshape the crotch seam again, and cut out another muslin. I might just eliminate pants from my wardrobe, since I have almost wearied of being able to produce a pair for myself.

This doesn't even tread into the jeans area, another garment I have despaired of ever feeling like I've found my match.


  1. I admire your bravery. I am most of the way to perfect pants, but my body keeps changing (damn it!)-- not that I have anything to do with that -- and good enough often becomes awful but I am too lazy to change things.

    And yet..... as you said, there is no "right day to wear 'fat pants'". Oh well.

    Does this mean I have to actually practice what I preach??

  2. Yes, you do (have to practice what you preach). The Salvation Army box awaits.