Saturday, September 29, 2007

Hey, Tim and Veronica! That Cynthia Rowley dress did not fit that woman!

One possible benefit to insomnia is using the time to catch up on TV, so I rose early this morning to watch this week's Tim Gunn's Guide to Style. (Gunn, of course, is the real breakout of Project Runway and not the goofball designers.) I dig him, his authoritative manner, his folded arms, his suits, his wit, everything. Veronica Webb I could not care less about and in fact I would like to propose that we never hear the voices of fashion models, ever.

This week's project, Stephanie, is a petite woman who hadn't quite matured her wardrobe. Stephanie was lucky enough to draw Cynthia Rowley for her "big designer" garment, but unfortunately, she picked the wrong garment, an off-white & metallic sheath dress. First, you don't wear white to a wedding unless you are the bride. Them's the rules. Second, they erred on the side of "old" with that particular dress. It was too mature, approaching matronly (even on Stephanie's tiny body), and it was so Dallas, in my mind. Worst of all, it did not fit her. There were folds of fabric on the front bodice that showed it was too big for her upper chest and shoulders, and vertical wrinkles in the back tell us that the back bodice should have been narrowed and probably shorted as well. Another Rowley dress, the pink one with the empire waist, was a better fit and choice for this lady. Can't find photos of either dress, though.

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