Monday, July 06, 2009

Gump Dress Project 1.0

So, the Gump dress has been separated and I'm playing with its skirt. I removed the left, side seam pocket (oh, it was set in so lovely, it almost hurt to remove it) and put in an invisible zipper, following the method Sandra Betzina describes in her book, Power Sewing Step-by-Step. The hardest thing about the invisible zipper for me is staying organized long enough to get through it.

Remember how I thought I didn't have a nice, long piece of fabric on the grain? Right, except for the lovely, interfaced front plackets! I have basted the placket that has the buttonholes in it to the skirt, using it for a waistband. This skirt fits me, without shame, at my waist.

Overall, this project could be just okay, not great. I still think this fabric is so pretty, but I'm not sure I love the garment. A little eyelet trim at the hem would perk it up, but are we veering into Hee Haw territory again, maybe? (As with my black-and-white gingham Decades of Style dress last year?) The thing is, I would see something like this on the body of a hipster waif, but she would have just the right accessories for it. What would those accessories be???



  1. I think the fabric is very pretty, but yes it is a tricky line in how to wear this without getting it wrong. I don't know what accessories. My own instinct is that you need something with an opposite edge to set it off and avoiding looking too cute or cutesy.

  2. Quite right! Opposite edge, opposite edge.

    I tried to shorten this, but it looked even more wrong. At this length, it is right within the recommended length for me, according to Sandra.